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travel water filter by Grayl

An Easy Way to Purify Water: Grayl

The people who have set me up with a GRAYL water purifier twice probably don't want me to start off this post with an ugly photo of garbage,so I'll put that further down.When you look at that pile of
water purfier for travelers Lifestraw kit

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Water Purifiers for Travelers

If you want to be a responsible traveler,the first step is one of the easiest: get a water purifier.If you are buying bottled water all the time as you travel around the world,you are a walking environmental disaster.
Steripen water purifier clean water hiking

My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: SteriPEN

When I've raved about my favorite travel gear brands on here before,it's been about clothing,shoes,and luggage.When it comes to SteriPEN though,I'm not just raving about a product that's fashionable or rugged.I'm a big fan because
Using a water purifier for sustainable travel

What Does It Take to Be an Eco-Friendly Traveler?

I have been writing about eco-friendly travel since back when I was doing magazine stories pre-internet.All along on this blog I've done regular rants on the evils of single-use plastic water bottles that mostly end up in our waterways.So
Czech Republic

Which Cheap Travel Destinations Have Drinkable Tap Water?

Last night I touched down in Bangkok,a city I've visited more than most,and am looking forward to eating terrific food,seeing glorious things,and having a blast.What I won't be doing is drinking the tap water.Despite all