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things travelers couldn't do 25 years ago

25 Things Travelers Couldn't Do 25 Years Ago

Around 25 years ago,I was probably kicking back on some tropical island,staying in a $4 bungalow,wondering whether I should have rice or noodles for my next meal.I was traveling through Southeast Asia,Nepal,India,Greece,Turkey,Holland,
Foreign ATM fees

Ways to Keep From Getting Hosed When Getting to Your Money Abroad

Since I write a lot about living abroad and being a digital nomad,I get a lot of questions about money access."Do you get a local bank account?" "Where should I put my money back home so I can get
Vatican City watch for pickpockets

担心旅行安全吗?Avoid the Vatican

Which country in the world has the highest rate of crime per capita?It's not some third-world country that sounds mysterious and shady.It's the Vatican.Yes,the city state ruled over by the Pope and his crew often gets reported
Argentina travel

Poof – Argentina's Black Market is Gone

Before this week,if you traveled to Argentina on vacation,you needed to come with a briefcase full of U.S.dollars to truly get the best bang for your buck.That all ended yesterday as the new government lifted currency controls
waterfall jumping San Luis Potosi

How to Make Money When You Leave Your Home Country

"I'm all for sticking everything in storage and moving abroad to cut my expenses,but what I do for a living isn't portable.What am I going to do for work if I go traveling or move to another country?" As