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Travel Prices in Ecuador – Latest Update

Every few years I do an updated post on travel prices in Ecuador,plus when there's a new edition of The World's Cheapest Destinations coming out I dive in deep on that research.  In reality though,prices don't really change
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The Main Travel Budget Factor: Your Destination

There's a lot of noise in the travel media about how to save money on your vacation,on how to get more out of your travel budget.The problem is,most of that advice is focused on the wrong things.Close
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Cheap Living in Ecuador

As I write this I'm in Quito for the fourth time.Every time I'm amazed by how cheap some things are,partly because the prices have barely budged since I first started taking notes in 2009.They use the U.S.dollar
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10 Reasons Why Ecuador is a Great Budget Travel Destination

I'm in Ecuador right now,the third time I've been here.I'm finally making it to Cuenca this time.I'm sure I'll be back again because after three trips I have still just scratched the surface.This is a small country

Yes,Ecuador is Still a Bargain,but Not for Partying

I'm currently in Quito,Ecuador,where it's only taken me one full day to confirm that most prices are pretty much where they were last time I was here a few years ago.(See Travel Prices in Ecuador.) The fact they