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travel water filter by Grayl

An Easy Way to Purify Water: Grayl

The people who have set me up with a GRAYL water purifier twice probably don't want me to start off this post with an ugly photo of garbage,so I'll put that further down.When you look at that pile of
single use plastic

How to Avoid Shoving Tons of Plastic in Mother Nature's Mouth

When it comes to the worldwide garbage problem and the giant gyres of waste floating around our oceans,are you part of the problem or a part of the solution?If you buy just two single-use plastic bottles a day and

India in Fiji,Whales in the Gulf,and a Killer in Panama

What do those three things have to do with each other?They're subjects of three intriguing new stories from book authors on the move in the March issue of Perceptive Travel.Tom Koppel travels around Fiji feeling disconnected as he eats