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travel resources and websites for Nicaragua

Useful Nicaragua Travel Websites and Resources

Here's how I opened this post when it originally went up in 2008: "There aren't a lot of Nicaragua travel websites out there,partly because there's not much money to be made yet.The tourism numbers are still relatively small.那
Nepal trekking mountains view

What You Were Reading This Past Year

What articles on cheap travel places,budget travel tips,and living abroad were you checking out the past 12 months?On the sidebar of this Cheapest Destinations Blog (at the bottom on mobile),you can always see the most popular posts
cheapest places to travel

The Main Travel Budget Factor: Your Destination

There's a lot of noise in the travel media about how to save money on your vacation,on how to get more out of your travel budget.问题是,most of that advice is focused on the wrong things.关闭
Kyrgyzstan restaurant prices

Travel Prices in Kyrgyzstan

Back in 2013 I published a guest post from Kyrgyzstan resident Stephen Lioy and he ran down the prices in this mountainous central Asian country.Most of that is still accurate and his descriptions are more authoritative than mine,所以你
travel prices in Montenegro

Travel Prices in Montenegro

Even well-traveled people would be hard-pressed to show you where Montenegro is on a map or explain why you should visit.Most people over 30 probably remember the Bosnian conflict and that this was one of the countries involved in the