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Salta Argentina,now a cheap place to travelagain

Argentina's Cheap/Not Cheap Travel Light Has Turned Green Again

For the moment,it's financial crisis time again in the land of tango,which means this is suddenly a great time to travel Argentina on the cheap.It was 威廉希尔篮球投注less than a year ago when I returned from Argentina and lamented
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Where Two Can Still Bunk Down for $15 or 威廉希尔篮球投注Less Per Night Around the World

Back when I took off on my first round-the-world trip in the early 1990s,the two of us had a budget that averaged out to $15 a day.For two.That meant our lodging was often between $4 and $7 a
Argentina visa fee

Argentina Drops Its Reciprocity Visa Fee

Argentina took another big step forward last month in attracting more American travelers.I've complained on multiple occasions about how Argentina was shooting itself in the gaucho-booted foot by charging Americans $160 each to enter the country.Then on March 6
Real de Catorce Mexico

It Was a Very Good Year (of Travel)

I'm obviously not a country counter.I traveled to a couple dozen destinations this year but didn't go to a single country I haven't visited before.That's perfectly fine though since most countries have plenty to see and do beyond whatever
Argentina travel

Poof – Argentina's Black Market is Gone

Before this week,if you traveled to Argentina on vacation,you needed to come with a briefcase full of U.S.dollars to truly get the best bang for your buck.That all ended yesterday as the new government lifted currency controls