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things travelers couldn't do 25 years ago

25 Things Travelers Couldn't Do 25 Years Ago

Around 25 years ago,I was probably kicking back on some tropical island,staying in a $4 bungalow,wondering whether I should have rice or noodles for my next meal.I was traveling through Southeast Asia,Nepal,India,Greece,Turkey,Holland,

Travel Backup Plans,Part 2

A while back I wrote briefly about the need to have backup plans for products and services you depend on while traveling.This was right after Google killed off its popular RSS reader and a bunch of people I know had
alternative to Google services

When Traveling Abroad,What's Your Backup Plan?

This week Google announced that on July 1 it is shutting down the most popular RSS stream blog reader in the world,Google Reader.A whole bunch of you probably get to this blog from there.I'm sure most people who

Credit Cards that Ream Travelers

I've talked about credit cards that are good and bad for travelers on this Cheapest Destinations blog quite a few times,as well as emphasizing the need for a travel banking back-up plan.I've not really touched on the worst cards

What's Your Travel Banking Back-up Plan?

I rarely buy travel insurance,but I always carry banking insurance.No,I don't actually have a policy that protects my banks—the U.S.government has bailed most of them out instead and gifted them a huge interest rate spread—but I do