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things travelers couldn't do 25 years ago

25 Things Travelers Couldn't Do 25 Years Ago

Around 25 years ago,I was probably kicking back on some tropical island,staying in a $4 bungalow,wondering whether I should have rice or noodles for my next meal.I was traveling through Southeast Asia,Nepal,India,Greece,Turkey,Holland,
travel more for 威廉希尔篮球投注less money

6 Ways to Travel More on Your Current Income

If you really dream of traveling more,then get ready to have all your excuses removed.Too many times I hear,"I wish I could travel more,but I can't afford it." The thing is,I haven't heard this common excuse
travel in peru can be cheap or not

Is Peru a Cheap Place to Travel?It Depends…

Peru travel is a bargain.Or Peru is very expensive.It all depends on how and where you travel in the country.I inhabit the strange world of travel writing where for my job I go back and forth from cheap
medical care costs abroad Unsplash photo by Rawpixel

Paying for Medical Care While Traveling or Living Abroad

But… what do you do about health insurance when you leave the country?What do you do when you have to go to the doctor when you're traveling or living abroad?I get variations on these questions more than most others,
cheap flights to warm places like Belize

Cheap Flights to Warm Places When It's Cold Outside

Baby it's cold outside.In some places anyway.But not in the tropics.Not in Baja.Not in most places near the equator.So you could get on a plane and be somewhere sunny and warm in a few hours.If