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对美国人来说,This is a Great Time to Splurge on Travel

What happens to the travel landscape when the U.S.dollar surges on the world market?It might not be good news for the stock market,but it's great news for American international travelers.If you're looking to splurge on travel,一
living in Bulgaria

How Much Does It Really Cost to Live in Bulgaria?

回到2014,I published a guest post from Bulgaria native and blogger Maria Stoynova.It laid out the cost of living in Bulgaria at that point,but of course things change over time.So I pulled in a few other
welcoming workers in Peru

It's Okay to Be an Opportunistic Traveler

Do you take advantage of what's on sale when you travel?Are you traveling to destinations when they are bargain priced?When I put out the book Make Your Travel Dollars Worth a Fortune,I talked a lot about the substantial
Salta Argentina,now a cheap place to travelagain

Argentina's Cheap/Not Cheap Travel Light Has Turned Green Again

目前,it's financial crisis time again in the land of tango,which means this is suddenly a great time to travel Argentina on the cheap.It was 威廉希尔篮球投注less than a year ago when I returned from Argentina and lamented
czech beer is a bargain

Good Beer at Bargain Prices in the Czech Republic

There are plenty of places around the world where you can buy cheap-tasting beer for cheap,but if you want to drink well without spending lots of dollars or euros,head straight to the Czech Republic.There you'll be in sudsy