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things travelers couldn't do 25 years ago

25 Things Travelers Couldn't Do 25 Years Ago

Around 25 years ago,I was probably kicking back on some tropical island,staying in a $4 bungalow,wondering whether I should have rice or noodles for my next meal.I was traveling through Southeast Asia,Nepal,India,Greece,Turkey,Holland,
travel water filter by Grayl

An Easy Way to Purify Water: Grayl

The people who have set me up with a GRAYL water purifier twice probably don't want me to start off this post with an ugly photo of garbage,so I'll put that further down.When you look at that pile of
travel more for 威廉希尔篮球投注less money

6 Ways to Travel More on Your Current Income

If you really dream of traveling more,then get ready to have all your excuses removed.Too many times I hear,"I wish I could travel more,but I can't afford it." The thing is,I haven't heard this common excuse
Eagle Creek Gear Warrior

My Favorite Travel Gear Brands: Eagle Creek

My relationship with Eagle Creek goes back almost as far as my relationship with my wife—who started as my companion on a year-long journey circling the globe back in the early '90s.I actually went to Eagle Creek's 40th anniversary party
San Cristobal de las Casas Spanish place name

What All Those Spanish Place Names Mean

You probably rattle off Spanish place names many times a year,especially if you live in the western USA.But do you know what all those names mean?I'm writing this from Baja (Low),California,where I'm visiting The Capes,The