Travel Prices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

travel prices in Rio de Janeiro

Have you had Rio de Janeiro on your “someday” travel list but heard it was more expensive than the rest of South America? Well, thanks to a currency slide and the elimination of a visa fee, travel prices in Brazil are now looking quite reasonable.

While all the talk about Brazil the past decade has been centered on politics, crime, and football, the currency has been quietly losing ground against the U.S. dollar. For the first time since I started writing about travel bargains more than a decade and a half ago on this Cheapest Destinations Blog, I can honestly say this is a great time to visit Rio. As I mentioned在这个岗位a while back, Brazil feels like it’s on sale this year.

I have avoided traveling to Brazil for a long time. Historically it’s been overpriced and a poor value, plus the hefty visa fee and red tape made it seem like the country didn’t really want tourists from other countries. Their tourism board has done very little outreach and not made much of a case for visiting outside of carnaval and sporting events. The hotel infrastructure in Rio has long lagged behind that of its neighbors—even when they were hosting the World Cup and Olympics.

科帕卡巴纳海滩是免费的,但是在里约热内卢旅游价格have come down a lot across the board for those with dollars or euros.在里约热内卢,接触一段时间后I’m happy to report that travel prices have come down to Earth in Brazil and it’s actually quite affordable to eat, drink, and be merry on Copacabana or Ipanema Beach. There’s a lot of merry to be made there and if you like to drink, you’ll be very happy. It’s hard to walk more than a block without finding a bar or just a guy selling beers or cocktails from a sidewalk stand. This place will also make you happy if your favorite outfit is a swimsuit and flip-flops. This is not a place where anyone is into layering—or superfluous clothing of any kind. They dress like it’s going to be hot, which it usually is.

There’s plenty to see beyond the beaches too. I did a bike tour that went along the coast and through downtown, plus I spent a few hours exploring Santa Teresa via the tram and on foot. Sure, there’s too much graffiti, too much bureaucracy keeping abandoned buildings empty, and too many people living in贫民窟s或在大街上。政府可以似乎从来没有得到周围清理被污染的瓜纳巴拉湾。可是,我告诉我力是永远不会被gentrified有光泽贯穿始终,即使他们得到的最有能力的政府,变得更热烈。享受音乐,微笑,和太阳。而现在,善于旅行的价格了。

All Rio travel prices below are calculated at 3.7 reals to the U.S. dollar. Check the current rate because of course things change.




由于增殖Airbnbthough, there are finally viable alternatives and some real competition. That shot above is my view of Copacabana Beach from the balcony of my rental apartment, which was less than $50 a night after all fees. There were at least 20 to pick from in that range near the beach and as low as $18 if you are willing to be near a metro stop instead or in another neighborhood.

The hotel myIntrepid Travelgroup stayed in at the end of our South America tour goes for $57 a night and it was your typical 3-star tourist hotel: comfortable bed, air-conditioned, good hot shower, 24-hour front desk, breakfast included.

Hostels in Rio – $8 to $19 each for a dorm bed,check prices here
Cheap hotels in Rio – $16 to $35 double,check prices here
3-star hotels – $35 to $100


Food and Drink Prices in Rio

旅游价格在里约热内卢是最好的这些天,当它的时间吃或喝。我付$ 3天午餐的基本膳食和超过$ 20的那些疯狂的巴西烤肉的经验,他们为您服务更多的肉比你通常会在一个星期吃一个。在自助餐的顶部...

里约热内卢永远不会被误认为是美食家的城市,特别是在科帕卡巴纳海滩和Ipanema海滩,但这些天,你可以吃很好,无需花费太多。你不必要么走很远。像劲找到啤酒(他们甚至在报摊出售),还有街头小吃摊点看似无处不在。每块有几个相互竞争的果汁和食物的地方,你可以得到新鲜榨汁,一对夫妇馅饼,一个成熟饭,或者是,一个啤酒。对于一些饭菜价格将突破$ 12,但大多数时候,你可以找到三个或四个项目一餐一半。下面是我得到的,当我在一个真正的餐厅挥霍$ 8:

set meal in Rio - Santa Teresa

Street food snacks – 30 cents to $1.50
汉堡/热狗 - 75美分到$ 2
这一天的基本餐 - $ 3至$ 7
Executive meal – $4 to $10
自助餐 - $ 6至$ 22


在沙滩上冷椰子水 - $ 1.20至$ 1.50
500毫升啤酒在商店 - 60美分到$ 1
五00ml beer on the street – $1.50 to $2.25
600毫升啤酒在酒吧 - $ 1.50至$ 3
600ml craft beer store/bar – $2 to $8
鸡尾酒在大街上 - $ 2至$ 5
cocktail in a bar – $2 to $8
在一家商店的好咖啡 - $ 1.25至$ 3
fresh juice – $1.50 to $3

For some reason, pizza was the most expensive item I saw: roughly the same price as the USA. International chain fast food is about the same too.

I didn’t see much of a wine selection on menus, though I wasn’t eating at the high-end air-conditioned places except an Italian place in Iguazu Falls. There was an excellent selection there, with by-the-glass prices around $4 and bottle prices mostly $7 to $20. You can get most any international brand of liquor for (these days) an affordable price. The local firewater of choice though is甘蔗酒。这是未老化的甘蔗酒。所以朗姆酒没有糖蜜色调,没有任何来自于每桶为理顺。你不想直接饮用。


Rio Transportation and Getting Around



Taxis are more expensive than Uber and you can’t assume that any driver is going to speak English (or Spanish), so at least with Uber you know they are looking at the same map as you. It’s legal and accepted here, including from the airport.

City share bikes – $1.35 a day for rides less than an hour. ($1.35 each additional hour if not changing bikes)
市公共汽车票 - $ 1.10单程
地铁票 - $ 1.30单程
Santa Teresa trolley car – $5.40 round trip
Taxi ride – $1.30 to start and 45 cents per kilometer (higher at night)
Uber ride – 1/2 to 2/3 that without surge pricing
Uber to airport from Copacabana – $16



Christ the Redeemer Brazil

Travel prices in Rio are pretty good until it’s time to get in line for a big attraction. Most tourists who come to Brazil’s most popular city all do the same things, including the Brazilians. So the main attractions are crowded and no bargain. I didn’t take a贫民窟tour, first because it seems kind of strange the way it’s normally marketed, but also because I was coming off a tour with Intrepid and our guide said they don’t offer them any more. They were seeing guns in the neighborhoods sometimes and were feeling uneasy about it. Check the situation before you go or on the ground before booking.

Thankfully, the best things to do in Rio won’t cost you much: the beaches, the sunsets, the strolls, and (if your timing is right), the music. There may be samba shows going on, there will probably be outdoor concerts, and if you ask around you’ll surely find something cheap and fun that’s happening.

Sugarloaf Mountain ticket/cable car – $27 in advance, $30 on site
Christ the Redeemer statue visit – $16.50 to $31 (latter is to skip the lines)
植物园门票 - $ 2
明天车票的博物馆 - $ 5.40 $ 9(二合一),免费星期二
Guided hike or bike tour – under $50
Football/soccer game at main stadium with transportation – under $50

a trip to Sugarloaf Mountain in Brazil costs around $30

Shopping in Rio


力拓也有可能在世界上最好的地方买比基尼。这是我听到的反正,虽然我不能在价格的竞争力评论。由巴西人买多少准备,当他们走出国门虽然-来到迈阿密和奥兰多空箱子来填充 - 我猜正规服装的价格没有什么感到兴奋。如果你想查看的选项,有一对夫妇商场距离海滩不远。

There are plenty of tourist souvenirs to buy, though most of them are pretty junky unless you’re really into soccer.

Have you been to Rio lately? What kind of bargains did you find?

Looking for cheap flights to Rio? They’re not easy to find, so poke around onSkyscanner上and be flexible with your dates.


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