Free Things to Do in New Orleans (Plus One That's Really Cheap)

新奥尔良是美国最受欢迎的城市之一,hosting more than ten million tourists and conventioneers a year.So you often need to reserve your hotel well in advance and make reservations at those famous restaurants that are worth the splurge.You can soak up the magic of the city without spending a fortune on the ground,however,with these free—or very inexpensive—things to do and see in the city.We teamed up with to bring you our top picks of free things to do while visiting this great city.To prepare you in advance,,点击这里to see great images of New Orleans at

Visit the Above-ground Graves

You can't step into the best-known St.Louis Cemetery No.1 without being on anorganized history tourun威廉希尔篮球投注less you have a loved one buried inside.There are plenty of other spots though where you can wander through the lands of the dead in a place where nobody can be buried because the city is at sea level.最容易到达的两个是拉斐特公墓1和2或祈祷公墓的大门,all in the Garden District just off the St.Charles streetcar line.

Listen to Local Musicians

一个很好的理由就是音乐,正确的?Many of the clubs on Frenchmen Street don't have a cover charge,不过你得为饮料做预算。另一个选择是在户外。The street musicians in Jackson Park may not be headliners,但这并不意味着他们没有天赋。Plus here it's BYOB—you can legally drink in public in this city.From mid-March to mid-May,there's afree concert seriesWednesday nights at Lafayette Park.在春天和秋天有一场免费的户外音乐会每周四在路易斯阿姆斯特朗公园.

music shows in New Orleans

Have a Picnic in a Park

One of the oldest and largest city parks in the USA is in New Orleans: City Park was founded in 1854 and stretches out over 13,000英亩。It also hosts the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden.Closer to the tourist zones are Woldenberg Park by the river near the French Quarter and Audubon Park Uptown,near Tulane University.

Ride a Bike Along the Levee

If you've got a friend with a bike or your hotel has loaners,你可以从奥杜邦公园骑行27英里,沿着密西西比河的小径向北行驶。Much of the time you'll be riding on top the actual levees that keep the Mississippi River from flooding the city.For something shorter,奥杜邦公园有一条两英里长的路,城市公园有一条四英里长的路。新奥尔良在公共自行车市场上的份额上升已经晚了,but a pilot went well and a full program should be in place by the time you read this,with stations around the city.

Go Sightseeing and Give Your Shoes a Workout

New Orleans is a great walking city and what you'll see is unlike what's on display in most other cities when you go sightseeing.You can walk along the Mississippi River Delta and see the ships going by,然后在法国区游客中心从国家公园服务中心获得免费历史课程后,漫步穿过法国区,威廉希尔篮球投注located at Jean Lafitte Park.Check their calendarfor free talks,films,和事件。

The New Orleans Streetcar Rides

这不是免费的,but riding the historicNew Orleans trolleycars is one of the best values in the city for soaking up the scenery.You can ride from Canal Street nine stops on the St.Charles line to S.Carrollton and S.Claiborne for just $1.25.运河街道线通往城市公园。最好的价格是3美元的全天票,这将使您可以在花园区和公园区下车观光。

This being America's best-known party city,there's usually some kind of festival or parade going on as well.Check thecalendar of events在新奥尔良的旅游景点,你会去那里的。

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