That Time We Got Meditative With our Travel Stories

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最新一期Perceptive Travel online magazineis out and just because of pure coincidence,three of the stories ponder what happens on the road when we think deep thoughts.Or just wonder what the heck we're still doing in that place.第四我决定不需要顿悟。Some places are justfun又会让你觉得自己像个头晕的孩子。

We welcome a new writer to our pages again,Jonathan Arlan.After some aim威廉希尔篮球投注less wandering in Serbia that's not very satisfactory,living like a monk in the countryside seems to be a good way to shake things up and let the mind rest.SeeA Place Not to Think in Central Serbia.

Kirsten Koza is back with a tale from Vietnam that probably won't make it onto their tourism board website.It's about squaring the horrors of the past with freak show profiteering in the present.SeeThe Guilt Cafe in Vietnam.

Marco Ferrarese gets a tip from a stranger at a bar about place hidden in the Himalayas that he has to see.The main attraction is a mummified monk on display for the faithful.See僧伽丹增的盲目威廉希尔篮球投注的祝福.

travel story from Saguenay Quebec

Then I've got a watery story about the area around Lac Saint Jean and the Saguenay Fjord in rural Quebec.It's a happy run of human-powered watersports and biking through miles of wild blueberries.SeeSanguine on the Water in Saguenay.

Plus we featurereviews of three new travel books一个严重的问题,one silly,and one useful.

How are your travel undies looking??

Columbia travel underwear

We give away something useful each month on Perceptive Travel and somebody comes out happy after enjoying the good odds.This month reader Sunny from Washington  is feeling especially sunny after scoring the nice美国花岗岩我们在二月份推出了滚动式产品。

这个月,它是其他有用的东西。Travel underwear has to be pretty tough if you spend months out on the road.It's the clothing you wear every day,after all,and need to wash the most.Thankfully we're giving away four undie items to this month's reader who gets pulled out of the randomizer after entering,多亏了哥伦比亚运动装.

If a male wins he gets a自上而下对朋友或重要的人也是如此。If a female wins,she gets a bottom and a sports bra or camisolefor herself,t-shirt and undies for a male.

You can only win if you're connected.You missed this month's newsletter if you're not on the list,but get on it for next time.You can also在Facebook上跟进and watch for the announcement.

Thanks for checking out the网上最佳旅游故事from the publication that's been bringing the goods for 10+ years.

  1. Brian Satterlee

    Interesting stuff here.Is the underwear comfortable enough to get through a long hot hike??


    Totally agree with you,旅行时,一个好的舒适内衣系列是必须的。Most of the people looking for good travel pants and stuff but doesn't care about the important undies.A great eye opener for everyone who loves travel.

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