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Guanajuato Mexpatriate view from a rooftop

Living the Mexpat Life

"So what's it like living there in Mexico?" People in my country of birth ask me this a lot.Usually with a bit of trepidation in their voice,like I'm going to tell them five horrible things that happened to me
Christmas in Mexico

Christmas in Mexico – Familiar,but a Little Different

After three of them in the states,it's time for Christmas in Mexico again for me.I'm doing a few American things,like baking Christmas cookies with my daughter,and generally winding down the work for the holidays.So here's
micheladas bar tour Mexico

Bars and Tacos on a Guanajuato Night Tour in Mexico

Went to do some bar hopping in Mexico while grabbing some taco stand food along the way?This could be a bit dicey on both counts if you're just winging it,but not on a bar and tacos night tour of
Insider info on Guanajuato City,Mexico

Some Inside Info on Guanajuato,Mexico

I just moved back to Guanajuato after living there three years on two occasions before with my family.I don't write about the place all that much on this blog,however.First of all I don't want to always be talking
Travel prices in Mexico are cheap in the interior

How Cheap is Mexico – Really?

Way back in 2005 I wrote a post about how Mexico wasn't a featured country in my book The World's Cheapest Destinations,but it was still quite a bargain.Now 12 years later,that post has still been getting traffic every